Bicor™ SUP is an excellent inside sealant web for Stand Up Pouch packages. Bicor SUP offers substantially better stiffness and moisture barrier than blown LLDPE, LDPE and cast PP sealants.

These combined improvements allow producers the opportunity to lightweight their packaging and provide more environmentally-friendly solutions without sacrificing product protection or stand up performance on the store shelf.

Bicor SUP film combines Jindal Films’ breakthrough sealant technology with a modified core to improve puncture resistance for high performance in a Stand Up Pouch packaging format. Bicor SUP also has outstanding clarity to showcase product inside the pouch.

See Bicor™ 50 SUP 490 film



better moisture barrier with less material when compared to blown LLDPE, LDPE, and Cast PP sealants

breakthrough sealant performance vs. traditional OPP films

high transparency for optimal visibility

excellent stiffness for stand up display

ability to downgauge

faster filling speeds and sealing on equipment due to reduced structure thickness