High Barrier Metallyte™ metalized oriented polypropylene (OPP) film can protect dry food and beverage products better than aluminum foil in flexible packaging and weight up to 44% less. Compared to thin aluminum foils, cost-effective Metallyte OPP films provide increased resistance to punctures and flex cracking. Some Metallyte films also allow laminated structures  to reduce from three-ply to two-ply, to reduce packaging weight without compromising protection or performance. High barrier Metallyte OPP films deliver a long product shelf life.

Improved Packaging Performance

Good puncture- and flex-crack resistance previously unavailable with OPP films

Increased barrier integrity vs. thin aluminum foils and threefold improvement in puncture resistance for paper-based laminates

Up to three to four times higher seal strength compared to standard sealable coextruded polypropylene when using Metallyte UBW-ES

Resource benefits

Less raw material use

Reduced package weight

Reduced emissions and energy use, less solid waste over product lifecycle

Simpler, more efficient converting process (two-ply lamination with UBW-ES vs. three-ply)