Preserve Chocolate Quality With Oppalyte™ Opp Films

Preserve the aroma and flavor of your chocolate confections by protecting them from off-odors and taste contamination with packaging made from acrylic, polyvinylidene chloride (PVdC), or polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) coated oriented polypropylene (OPP) films.

For chocolate items containing roasted nuts, cereals and cream fillings, consider OPPalyte™ opaque OPP films coated with a PVdC water based coating, a combination that protects against light and oxygen. If you want customers to be able to see the product inside the package, consider using Bicor™ clear OPP films with PVdC or PVOH coatings that protect against off-odors and oxygen.


Fast packaging speed

Flexible, robust packaging, especially for chocolate tablets

High opacity and robust print surface for appealing graphics

Exceptional gloss, supporting an attractive appearance

Key features

Ability to tailor packaging solution to the product

Very broad sealing range with low temperature sealing coating (LTSC in the Americas and VLTSC in Europe)

High-yield coated opaque packaging films (MW647, MW648, MO747)

Outstanding release properties for cold-seal laminates (CSR-2, CSR-M)