Bicor ™ oriented polypropylene (OPP) films offer excellent protection from oxygen, moisture and flavors and aromas to keep your dried fruit and/or nuts first day fresh.

Bicor 84 AOH or 21MB866 have PVOH coating on one side, which offers amongst the best barrier to oxygen in the industry. These films are designed to be the outside web of a lamination to an inside sealant web. When combined with hermetic sealants, PVOH coated products will keep protect package contents from oxidation, which causes off-odors and smells.

Bicor SuP, when combined with an outside barrier web, such as Bicor AOH or MB866 provides excellent stiffness, seals and puncture resistance to showcase dried fruit and nut products in a Stand up Pouch format.


Protection from oxygen, a  cause of rancidity

Protection from off external sources of unwanted odors

Keeps product flavors and aromas inside the package

Excellent display on the store shelf