Keep biscuits fresh with coated Bicor™ and OPPalyte™ films

Biscuits (cookies) protected by packaging made with coated Bicor™ and OPPalyte™ oriented polypropylene (OPP) films stay crispy, fresh and brittle longer because of coatings that provide protection from odors, moisture and oxygen.

To preserve the organoleptic properties of your products from off-odors and moisture uptake or loss, choose opaque OPPalyte films coated with acrylic or PVdC (polyvinylidene chloride). To prevent oxidation, our PVOH (polyvinyl alcohol) and PVdC coatings protect your product from oxygen, while the high optical density of super-white OPPalyte shields against light.

If you want customers to see the product, consider transparent Bicor OPP film coated to provide surface barrier to moisture and oxygen. For extra sensitive products, consider Metallyte™ metalized OPP films, which provide excellent protection against water vapor, aroma losses and oxidation.


Product freshness, due to outstanding moisture barriers; good-to-extraordinary aroma barriers and high oxygen protection

High opacity and robust print surface for appealing graphics

High performance on vertical form fill seal (VFFS) and horizontal form fill seal (HFFS) machines due to low and consistent coefficient of friction (COF)

Reduced waste and downtime with low-temperature sealing coatings (VLTSC or LTSC)

Exceptional gloss, supporting an attractive appearance

Key features

Ideal support for traditional ink systems and water-based inks on the acrylic side, with OPPalyte opaque and Bicor transparent films

Wide range of thicknesses

Low and consistent COF

Broad sealing range with acrylic coating

Very broad sealing range with low-temperature sealing coatings (LTSC in the Americas, VLTSC in Europe)