Label-Lyte™ & Treofan IML / Labels

Label-Lyte films deliver consistent, efficient, high-performance solutions to printers, converters and consumer goods companies for a wide range of labeling needs. Made with oriented polypropylene (OPP), Label-Lyte offers a broad range of substrates with moisture resistance, durability, excellent stiffness, dimensional stability and aesthetics.
Varying grades of Label-Lyte films may be used in labeling applications that include pressure sensitive, shrink reel-fed wrap-around (ROSO™ films), cut-and-stack wraparound and reel-fed wraparound. White, clear and metalized films are available in one- and two-side coated structures, meeting multiple labeling specifications.



For each application, the right combination of performance and aesthetic criteria produces a Label-Lyte film that performs well in:







Ink adhesion

Adhesive anchorage

Antistatic performance


Excellent shelf appeal

With Label-Lyte films, printers, laminators and end users benefit from:

Exceptional ink adhesion

Reduced substrate inventory

Compatibility and durability across multiple print technologies

Broad adhesive choice

Reliable material supply

Adaptability to different converting/finishing methods

Varied label density and thickness

Exceptional appearance and shelf appeal

Consistency in finished product