The portfolio of coated films from Jindal Films is renowned for the outstanding protection, performance and promotional benefits it delivers to a wide range of packaged products.

Premium Coated Care

Jindal Films has been manufacturing biaxially oriented polypropylene films for over 30 years, applying its technology expertise to deliver outstanding optics both for high clarity andhigh opacity applications.  The inherent visual attributes of OPP films are further enhanced with the high gloss of water-based coatings, resulting in premium promotion opportunities for brand-owners and converters.

BICORTM clear coated films

Due to the high transparency and surface gloss of clear BicorTM coated OPP films, brand-owners typically use these films toprovide on-shelf premium pack appearance and product differentiation. Available for use as mono-web or in laminates on HFFS, VFFS and OW equipment, these films feature proprietary coating technologies that deliver excellent performance for food and nonfood packaging needs. Bicor films perform consistently on a full range of packaging machines and offer excellent graphics reproduction with a wide range of inks and adhesives.


OPPALYTETM white coated films

Jindal Films manufactures a broad range of cavitated films ranging from low densities that provide high surface yield and opacity, to medium and higher densities that deliver a good balance of visual appearance. This extensive product rangecovers numerous packaging formats and market segments, either in mono-web or in laminate formats. OPPalyteTM films are typically produced with a cavitation technology that provides broad flexibility in terms of film density, whiteness, opacity, flatness and quality.


METALLYTETM metallized OPP films

Traditionally, thin aluminum foils were used to protect products from moisture and Oxygen. But today, the industry can also rely on Jindal films’s MetallyteTM OPP films. By combining the inherent advantages of biaxially-oriented polypropylene with state-of-art metallization technologies, MetallyteTM OPP films are more than a viable alternative. They are cost-effective solutions.



Label-LyteTM films are specifically engineered for labeling decoration technologies including Pressure Sensitive, shrink reel-fed wrap-around (ROSO™ films), Cut-and-Stack Wraparound, Reel-Fed Wraparound and In-Mould Labeling. Label-LyteTM films are produced by combining our unique expertise and know-how in polymer science, cavitation, water-based coatings, and metallization. They deliver efficient, high-performance solutions with outstanding shelf appeal to converters, printers, and consumer goods companies.


Choose OPP films from Jindal for a wide range of label application technologies, including:

 Label-Lyte top-coated films for PSL applications

 Label-Lyte films for wrap-around, reel-fed applications

 Label-Lyte ROSO films for roll-on-shrink-on applications

 Label-Lyte films for wrap-around, cut and stack applications

Converters and CPG companies choose Label-LyteTM films for technology leadership in innovative labelling solutions:

 Ongoing development of new labelling technologies

 Products that run fast and smoothly with broad application characteristics

 High machine uptime and less material waste equal cost savings

 Global supply capabilities

 Local support, with access to global technical support and research and development

 More than 35 years of films application and engineering expertise driving innovation