Our very broad product range for flexible packaging and labelling includes multi-layer biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) films which are transparent, cavitated or solid white, uncoated or surface-coated with water-based polymers, vacuum metallized and clear vacuum barrier coated. It also includes a range of unique oriented polyethylene (BOPE) films.

BICORTM Transparent BOPP films

High-clarity, coated or uncoated Bicor™ BOPP films are designed to be used in mono-web or in laminates on horizontal form fill seal (HFFS), vertical form fill seal (VFFS), flat sachet/pouch/SUP and overwrap (OW) packaging equipment. Some BicorTM films feature combinations of unique coating technologies that use acrylic, polyvinylidene chloride (PVdC), polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) and very low-temperature sealing (VLTS) coatings to deliver excellent packaging and converting performance to meet food and non-food packaging needs.


OPPALYTETM  – White BOPP films

OPPalyte films are typically produced with a unique cavitation technology that provides broad flexibility in terms of film density, whiteness, opacity, flatness and quality. They range from low densities that provide high surface yield and opacity, to medium and higher densities that deliver a good balance of visual appearance after packaging. Similar to BicorTM, some films feature combinations of water-based coating technologies to deliver enhanced performance. They are designed to be used in mono-web or in laminates on horizontal form fill seal (HFFS), flat sachets or overwrap (OW) packaging machinery, either in heat-seal or cold-seal applications, such as confectionery, ice cream, biscuits & bakery, home & personal care markets.


METALLYTETM  – Metallized BOPP films

Combining the inherent advantages of BOPP with the latest vacuum metallization technologies, Metallyte™ films provide strong, cost-effective product protection often combined with enhanced seal performance using clear or white base films. Providing a significant barrier to light and moisture, and for some grades also gases and aromas, MetallyteTM films offer a high-performance, low-weight packaging solution for dry sensitive snacks, sweet & chocolate confectionary, dry foods and dry beverages that require long shelf-life. Widely used in a broad variety of applications and packaging formats, including those that require modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), MetallyteTM films are extremely durable and resistant to puncture and flex cracking.  This makes them an ideal substitute for thin aluminum foils or other metallized films which offer lower sustainable environmental performance.


ALOX-LYTETM – Transparent high-barrier films

To achieve the barrier performance of traditional metallized films, while allowing a visible window for the product, the Alox-LyteTM product line was initially applied to BOPP films. Alox-LyteTM is a novel technology using an aluminum oxide vacuum coating to provide a transparent, durable high-barrier to both moisture and gases. This unique platform currently offers products to meet market demands for heat-seal, cold-seal, printing and middle-ply applications for numerous market segments and packaging formats.

ETHY-LYTETM – High Density Oriented Polyethylene Films

Ethy-LyteTM is a range of BOPE films designed to create fully recyclable mono-PE packaging to replace mixed plastic structures, which can be difficult to recycle. It is the alternative recyclable solution to conventional OPET or OPA print films to be laminated with PE sealants generating PE mono-material structures for easy recycling.
The technology behind is a breakthrough recyclable BOPE mono-material packaging solution powered by an advanced bi-axial orientation process that transforms polyethylene into the Ethy-LyteTM range. The technology produces films which delivers outstanding heat resistance and excellent mechanical and optical properties for exceptional printing, converting, packaging performance and product protection. Laminated with PE sealants, it creates fully recyclable mono-PE packaging compatible with existing and future recycling streams.

SealTOUGHTM – Bioriented Polyolefin films

Utilizing Jindal Films superior bi-orientation process of Polyolefin films results in improved mechanical performance and outstanding puncture & flex-crack resistance compared to PE blown films. Applying SealTOUGHTM in film laminates improves packaging performance by down gauging film structures while minimizing product packaging failures. The film possesses a high performance sealing layer resulting in superior seal strength. This helps to extend the shelf-life of products by reducing product leakage. The outstanding printability even on demanding gravure printing machines compared to PE blown and cast films offers the possibility for recycling ready all Polyolefin solutions. The controlled slip properties and narrow distribution of film thickness over width and length provides excellent process ability for all converting steps. SealTOUGHTM is available in clear, white and metallized.


Label-LyteTM films are specifically engineered for labeling decoration technologies including Pressure Sensitive, shrink reel-fed wrap-around (ROSO™ films), Cut-and-Stack Wraparound, Reel-Fed Wraparound and In-Mould Labeling. Label-LyteTM films are produced by combining our unique expertise and know-how in polymer science, cavitation, water-based coatings, and metallization. They deliver efficient, high-performance solutions with outstanding shelf appeal to converters, printers, and consumer goods companies.



DigilyteTM films are transparent, white opaque and metalized films dedicated to HP Indigo digital printing technology used in the flexible packaging and labeling markets. DigilyteTM films feature a proprietary digital top coating for high-performance printing on HP Indigo presses without using a primer. It can be combined with our other coating technologies to deliver excellent performance on packaging machines, food protection and labeling applications. DigilyteTM films are food contact approved and HP certified for Indigo printing.

Choose OPP films from Jindal for a wide range of label application technologies, including:

 Label-Lyte top-coated films for PSL applications

 Label-Lyte films for wrap-around, reel-fed applications

 Label-Lyte ROSO films for roll-on-shrink-on applications

 Label-Lyte films for wrap-around, cut and stack applications

Converters and CPG companies choose Label-LyteTM films for technology leadership in innovative labelling solutions:

 Ongoing development of new labelling technologies

 Products that run fast and smoothly with broad application characteristics

 High machine uptime and less material waste equal cost savings

 Global supply capabilities

 Local support, with access to global technical support and research and development

 More than 35 years of films application and engineering expertise driving innovation