Locations Jindal Films Worldwide

Regional Headquarters

  • LaGrange, Georgia
  • Windhof, Luxembourg

Global Headquarters

  • New Delhi, India

Production Sites

  • Brindisi, Italy
  • Kerkrade, The Netherlands
  • LaGrange, Georgia
  • Nasik, India
  • Neunkirchen, Germany
  • Shawnee, Oklahoma
  • Virton, Belgium

Technology Centers

  • LaGrange, Georgia
  • Virton, Belgium

Where we are

Jindal Films manages and operates its business regionally with two headquarter locations in Windhof, Luxembourg in Europe and LaGrange, GA in the USAThe Innovation Center  is managed globally so that we can address  the growth and needs of global markets.

Jindal Films has affiliated production plants in Europe (Virton, Belgium; Neunkirchen, Germany;  Kerkrade, The Netherlands; and Brindisi & Terni, Italy), and in the United States (LaGrange, Georgia; and Shawnee, Oklahoma). The company and its affiliates have sales offices to support customer needs in countries around the world, including North and South America, Europe and Asia, with a global group headcount of approximately 3000.

Our production sites:

Brindisi, Italy

Kerkrade, The Netherlands

LaGrange, Georgia

Neunkirchen, Allemagne

Shawnee, Oklahoma

Virton, Belgium