Pressure-sensitive label facestocks for health and beauty products and household chemicals

For pressure-sensitive labels for health and beauty products, Label-Lyte™ 50LL539 clear and 60LH538 and 65 LL-344-A white oriented polypropylene (OPP) films provide laminators with a broad range of materials compatibility and performance. The result is labels on high-gloss, bright white and clear two-sided coated facestock films that contribute to overall graphics appeal, trade promotion and brand enhancement.

Jindal Films also provides Label-Lyte™ 52LLC210 and 52LLC247 pressure sensitive facestock films for conformable labels in both clear and white film appearance.    These films are proven to withstand the rigors of repeatable squeezing and still maintain their ‘new look’ for containers of items such as shampoo, conditioners and lotions.

Label-Lyte benefits

Clear, “no label” look

Broad range of print technology compatibility/ink adhesion

Broad range of adhesive compatibility

Chemical resistance

Thermal transfer ribbon (TTR) printable

Reduced number of facestocks in inventory

Durable moisture resistance