OPPalyte™ films offer high yield and stiffness, ultra-low density for ice cream packaging and frozen food

OPPalyte OPP films offer high yield among white opaque films for packaging of ice cream and frozen foods.


High yield at lower weight and cost than lower-yield films

MD447 film type as cost-effective replacement for solid white films

MB440 film type (sealable to polyethylene) for superior printability and gloss vs. polyethylene and cost savings due to lap sealability on vertical form fill seal (VFFS) machines

White and metal appearance offered by low-density Metallyte™ 38ICE M OPP film

Excellent consumer appeal, supported by outstanding whiteness and robust print surface for graphics

Minimal waste and downtime due to constant film properties and its high quality

Key features

Film range dedicated to the ice cream market

Use of Diamex™ proprietary technology for very high-yield white opaque ice cream packaging film with an ultra-low density of 0.54 g/cm3

Combination of metal and white appearance with Metallyte ICE M film

Use in cold-seal and heat-seal applications