Bicor™ oriented polypropylene (OPP) films are an excellent choice for overwrapping boxes or cartons. Acrylic coatings on products such as Bicor AB, AB-X, MBP600, MBP666 and COS provide clarity, gloss and sparkle that helps products stand out on the store shelf.

The acrylic coating provides outstanding flavor and aroma barrier to keep wanted flavors and aromas inside the package while also protecting packaged contents from unwanted external odors.

These Bicor acrylic coated products offer excellent two side sealability on equipment that forms seals using low pressure. Bicor acrylic coated films also offer low and consistent cof so that they machine well on a wide range of overwrap packaging equipment. Bicor acrylic films can be used unsupported or in lamination. These films can also be surface printed, reverse printed or used unprinted.


Outstanding optical properties

Robust machinability

Low and consistent cof

Excellent hot slip

Excellent flavor and aroma barrier

Excellent seal strength

Printable on both sides