Sugar confectioneries stay tasty with OPP film

Extend the unique flavor, texture and aroma of your sugar sweets by protecting them from moisture, oxidation and off-odors with wrappers made from OPPalyte™, Bicor™ or Metallyte™ oriented polypropylene (OPP) films.

Our moisture-barrier coatings prevent unwelcome stickiness in sugar confections and air pockets that promote mold growth in chocolate-covered candies. For cost-efficient, high-speed packaging of miniwraps, consider clear Bicor or opaque OPPalyte films with low or very low temperature sealing coating (LTSC or VLTSC) on one side and acrylic or PVdC (polyvinylidene chloride) coating on the other.


Product freshness, due to good moisture and excellent aroma barriers

Very high speed on horizontal form fill seal (HFFS) packaging machines

Reduced waste and downtime

High opacity and robust print surface for appealing graphics

Exceptional gloss, supporting an attractive appearance

Ability to tailor packaging solution to the product

Key features

High-yield coated opaque packaging film

Wide range of thicknesses

Low and consistent coefficient of friction with acrylic coating

Broad sealing range with acrylic coating

Very broad sealing range with low-temperature sealing coating (LTSC in the Americas, VLTSC in Europe)