Pressure-sensitive label facestocks for food packaging

For pressure-sensitive labels for dressings, sauces, condiments, soups and other food products, Label-Lyte™ 50LL539 clear and 60LH538 and 65 LL-344-A white oriented polypropylene (OPP) films provide roll stock laminators with a broad range of compatibility and performance in transparent and opaque label formats.  The result is labels on high-gloss, bright white and clear two-sided coated facestock that contribute to efficient labeling performance, overall graphics appeal, trade promotion and brand enhancement.   Available globally, Label-Lyte films provide stiffness, label dispensability and superior tensile strength over paper – even with the most demanding adhesives.

For snacks, yoghurts, drink mixes, and other food products packaged in contoured canisters with shrink labels, Jindal has clear Label-Lyte™ROSO  (Roll On Shrink On) films that can provide up to 14% shrink on the container.

Label-Lyte benefits

Clear, “no label” look

Broad range of print technology compatibility/ink adhesion

Broad range of adhesive compatibility

Chemical resistance

Thermal transfer ribbon (TTR) printable

Reduced number of facestocks in inventory

Durable moisture resistance