High impact, transverse-direction Label-Lyte™ shrink sleeve labels

Label-Lyte 50TD200 shrink sleeve film demonstrated on three contoured blue bottles 

Label-Lyte™ 50TD200 shrink sleeve film supports label flotation separation in PET bottle-to-bottle recycling processes (where available). The film is ideal for customers requiring low density, high-shrink, transverse-direction (TD) sleeve labels for the food, beverage, healthcare and other consumer goods markets.

Label-Lyte 50TD200 TD shrink sleeve film provides on-bottle shrinkage of up to 50%. This allows creative, full-package decoration of complex shaped bottles and cans enabling powerful brand differentiation.

Demand for closed-loop recycling of PET bottles is driving a desire for low density TD shrink film that facilitates label flotation separation from the container. Label-Lyte 50TD200 shrink sleeve film, a polyolefin film, helps meet this demand (where such processes are available), and its low 0.9 g/cc density can provide yield advantages compared to other commonly used TD shrink materials.

Label-Lyte shrink sleeve benefits

film density below 1 g/cc before and after shrinkage

facilitates flotation separation of label from bottle to support PET bottle-to-bottle recycling (where available)

consistent on-bottle shrinkage up to 50%

creative decorating options for complex-shaped containers