No ribbons. No coatings. Exceptional performance.

Innovative Platinum ThermalTM film revolutionizes thermal / barcode printing with a user-friendly and cost-effective design that displays exceptional resistance to heat, cold, UV light, water and chemicals.

Image permanence with no image fade from heat, cold, light or time.

Image is UV light resistant to a minimum of 18 months outdoors and decades indoors.

Facestock is heat stable to 121°C (250° F)

Print surface and printed image are not affected at all by water and many water based fluids even with full submersion or when boiled

Low boiling point solvents (e.g. MEK, Toluene, Xylene, IPA) do not permanently darken the image or print surface

Significant economic advantage over DT films and resin/wax-resin TTR printed on a BOPP label

Durability comparable to printing on BOPP with a wax/resin ribbon

Excellent compatibility with a broad range of ink systems including UV and water based printing technologies

Simplifies thermal/barcode printing by eliminating the thermal transfer ribbon especially in mobile thermal printers but durable for a variety of indoor and outdoor market applications.

FDA Compliant for DIRECT food contact (pending). Contains no BPA.

Available with Permanent, Removable and Ultra Removable adhesives

In addition, Platinum Thermal film displays excellent compatibility with a broad range of ink systems, including UV and water-based printing technologies, and offers the potential for significant cost reduction compared to DT substrates and labels printed with full resin or wax/resin TTR.

Jindal Films has extensively tested Platinum Thermal film’s performance against labels printed with DT and TTR technology. Request the Platinum Technical Bulletin today. See for yourself how this groundbreaking technology can deliver cost and performance advantages.



Platinum ThermalTM can be used for pressure-sensitive labels, tickets and tags. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications where weather, water or chemical resistance is required. As always, please test in your specific application to determine fitness for use.

Flower/Plant pot label

Horticulture/Nursery label

Outdoor shelf/Rack/Pallet label

Test tube/Beaker/Slide label

Blood/Urine/Bio bag label

Cold Storage label

Automobile window label

Chemical/Drum label

Freezer label

Tamper evidence label

Industrial/WIP label

Retail shelf marking label

Industrial kitchen food preparation label


For more information, US Contact: Michael GOPEN, email: or call: +1 585 201 0880

For more information, EU Contact: Frank SMITS, email: or call: + 31 6 43 06 89 60