Cut & Stack Hot Melt Labels technology

Cut & stack hot melt labeling technology is widely used when a wrap-around label is required, and is commonly used for a variety of food, beverage, automotive and household products. Label-Lyte™ oriented polypropylene (OPP) films offer a crisp, durable and eye-catching replacement for wrap-around die-cut & stack hot melt labels.

Benefits for printers, brand owners and consumers

Top-coated surface to enhance ink compatibility and image clarity

Backside coating provides broad adhesive compatibility and label-to-container adhesion

Excellent tensile strength and stiffness for minimal curling, tearing, flagging and folding

Increased water resistance for durable, long-lasting label performance and aesthetics

Flexible performance well suited for unique bottle and package designs

Label-Lyte films are available in a variety of grades and are suitable for rotary printing, followed by label cutting; some are designed for sheet-fed offset printing. They are available in clear, white and metalized versions.