Pressure-sensitive label facestocks for beverages

No matter what your decorating technology is, Jindal Films has the right film solution for your application. For beverages using pressure-sensitive labels, Label-Lyte™ 50LL539 clear and 60LH538 and 65 LL-344-A white oriented polypropylene (OPP) films provide laminators with a broad range of materials compatibility and performance in durable and pasteurizable two-side coated forms.

The result is labels on high-gloss, bright white and clear two-sided coated facestock that contribute to overall graphics appeal, trade promotion and brand enhancement.

For beverages using reel-fed, wrap-around glue applied labels, Jindal Films has a broad range of Label-Lyte films available in clear, white and metallized appearance.    Label-Lyte films for glue-applied applications are available for lamination or for surface print, monoweb applications.   Label-Lyte wrap-around, reel-fed oriented polypropylene (OPP) films make up a large sub-family of materials specially designed for beverage container labeling.  The films offer outstanding product presentation and controlled mechanical properties for ease of application.

Jindal Films’ range of  Clear Label-Lyte™ROSO  (Roll On Shrink On) films deliver outstanding labeling performance in MD shrink applications, commonly used for an attractive banded label appearance in waters, flavored waters, sports drinks and teas.   Providing up to 14% shrink on container, Label-Lyte™ROSO  can provide a cost effective shrink label solution while creating unique brand differentiation.

Jindal Films also provides films for Glue-Applied Cut & Stack magazine fed labeling applications.    Cut & Stack hot melt labeling technology is widely used when a wrap-around label is required, and is commonly used for a variety of beverage products.  Jindal Cut & Stack films are coated on both sides to provide excellent litho printability on one side and compatibility with a broad range of adhesives on the other side for excellent label to container adhesion. Jindal Films Cut & Stack films are ideal for applications requiring durable moisture resistance, wet strength and are burst resistant on large bottles. Label-Lyte™ oriented polypropylene (OPP) films offer a crisp, durable and eye-catching replacement for wrap-around die-cut & stack hot melt labels.

Label-Lyte benefits

Clear, “no label” look

Broad range of print technology compatibility/ink adhesion

Broad range of adhesive compatibility

Chemical resistance

Thermal transfer ribbon (TTR) printable

Reduced number of facestocks in inventory

Durable moisture resistance