No ribbons. No coatings. Exceptional performance.

The thermal printing market is ripe for innovation, and Label-LyteTM Platinum ThermalTM film delivers.  Platinum ThermalTM is a white synthetic facestock that requires no heat sensitive coatings (e.g. leuco dye) or thermal transfer ribbons to create a deep black image from standard thermal/barcode printers.  Platinum ThermalTM is your new alternative to both traditional direct thermal (DT) substrates and the use of thermal transfer ribbons (TTR).  Sharp, durable, fade proof images are created from within the substrate itself.  Platinum ThermalTM also has a print surface with excellent receptivity to a broad range of pre-print ink chemistries and an adhesive receptive backside surface that is ideal for pressure-sensitive applications.

Drive costs down…

The black pigment used in Platinum ThermalTM film is built into the film’s structure, eliminating the need for both TT ribbons and DT coatings. This single-layer film reduces waste for current users of TTR technology– who will no longer have to dispose of spent ribbons–and streamlines printing by removing both the need for ribbon changeovers and the opportunity for ribbon-related problems. By switching to Platinum ThermalTM  film, users of DT substrates can help extend printer life by eliminating abrasive DT coatings. Broad compatibility with standard thermal and barcode printers ensures a seamless transition to this cost-effective, archivable solution.

… and performance up

Unlike coated DT paper, Platinum ThermalTM technology provides crisp, clear image resolution when printed on standard and higher resolution thermal printers. With no ribbon to use, change over or adjust, printing long-lasting labels is simple with Platinum ThermalTM  film. Water does not affect the film’s printed image or surface, and the film is not irreversibly affected by volatile solvents such as IPA and Xylene. In wet conditions, the film demonstrates rub durability that is superior to both paper DT and TTR technologies. Labels printed with Platinum ThermalTM film are stable up to 121°C (250° F), eliminating the heat stability issues that are inherent to DT coated substrates, including pre-imaging and fading. The film is also exceptionally UV light-resistant, showing no fading or yellowing after being tested for 18 months in simulated QUV outdoor conditions.

See how Platinum ThermalTM Performs


Ideal for indoor and outdoor applications

Freezer label

Blood/Urine/Bio label

Test tube/Beaker/Slide label

Retail shelf marking

Outdoor shelf/rack/pallet label

Cold storage label

Chemical/Drum label

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