The Ethy-Lyte™ BOPE films are increasingly adopted in the flexible packaging market as excellent PE printing films for recyclable Mono PE structures. Ethy-Lyte™ films are substituting conventional Polyester or Nylon printing films in lamination with PE films, thus creating fully recyclable Mono PE packaging solutions.
The broad range of Ethy-Lyte™ films includes high gloss, matte, sealable and also 2 side printable films to cover all type of print designs, i.e. matt-gloss effects. The Mono PE structures can be used for all pack formats and various applications in food and non-food market.
At Fachpack trade show in Nuremberg, we are pleased to present the new generation of high barrier Ethy-Lyte™ films:
25HD800: 25µm transparent, high barrier BOPE printing film, one side coated with EVOH. The film provides excellent gas and aroma protection and is designed to be used as an outer printing web to be laminated with PE sealing films, for creating recyclable, 2-ply Mono PE laminates.
25HDM285: 25µm metallized, high barrier BOPE lamination film, one side metallized, treated on the other side. The film provides excellent gas and aroma protection and is designed to be used as a mid-layer in 3-ply Mono PE laminates. This film is a substitute for conventional metallized PET- or even Aluminium films resulting in fully recyclable Mono PE laminates.
The new films preserve overall quality, aroma and taste of sensitive products and guarantee long shelf life. Typical applications are packaging for nuts, coffee, pet food, dry foods and many others.
Finally this opens up many more opportunities for using mono PE packaging in the market and is another major step towards more sustainable flexible packaging.