Luxembourg, LU (Luxemburg 23rd September, 2019) – Jindal Films (Hall 7 Stand 640), a global
leader in the development and manufacture of specialty films for the flexible packaging and labeling
markets, will showcase at FachPack various barrier and sealing technologies designed to facilitate
the switch from non-recyclable laminates (i.e. containing PET, Alu foil, Paper …) to mono-material
recyclable PP-, PE- or PO- (polyolefin) based laminates for flexible packaging markets. Several
laminates based on Jindal Films’ technologies, will be running on various packaging machines
through the duration of the Fair demonstrating how easy these “recycle-ready” solutions are to

New Bicor™ 16MB890 is a very thin clear barrier OPP film being introduced for the packaging of
products requiring a high gas barrier for dry applications. MB890 has outstanding oxygen barrier
properties (OTR 0.5 cc/m2/day) due to a very thin layer of EVOH. It needs to be used as part of a
laminate with another PP-based film (e.g. cast PP) to deliver a PP-rich laminate in conformance to
the CEFLEX guidelines for “recycle-ready” solutions that can be fed back in a PP (or mixed PO)
recycling stream. This new OPP film technology provides customers with opportunities to maintain
a barrier to mineral oils and improved moisture and gas barrier properties, when trying to remove
PET films from their laminates for a mono-material “recycle-ready” solution.

Metallyte™ 16MM883 is a unique ultra-high barrier (UHB) vacuum metallized OPP film being used
in 3-ply laminates to replace thin aluminum foil or very high barrier metallized PET webs. It is
designed for long shelf life products by delivering excellent barrier to light, moisture (WVTR
0.1g/m2/day), gases (OTR 0.1cc/m2/day), aromas and mineral oils. MM883 will be running as part
of a 3-ply all OPP-based laminate on a horizontal stand-up pouch machine from SN Maschinenbau
(Hall 3A, stand 231). MM883 is a key component of our entry in the last round of the Packaging
Europe Sustainability Awards being announced during FachPack (PackBox Forum in Hall 7) on
Wednesday September 25th.

Alox-Lyte™ 16AO893 and AO894 are clear high barrier vacuum AlOx-coated OPP films for barrier
applications in 2- or 3-ply laminates that require transparency. Alox-Lyte films are ideal for the
replacement of PET-AlOx or PET-SiOx containing laminates to deliver mono-material PP-rich or
mixed PO solutions. They provide high clarity, yet with great moisture (WVTR 0.7 g/m2/day) and
gas (OTR 0.5cc/m2/day) barrier properties with a good barrier to aromas and mineral oil. Few clear
barrier solutions are so cost-effective as Alox-Lyte film, while balancing gas and moisture barrier.
Introduced two years ago Alox-Lyte film has taken the market by storm. AO893 will be running as
part of a 3-ply all OPP-based clear laminate on a vertical stand-up pouch (SUP) machine from
WOLF Verpackungsmaschinen (Hall 1, stand 433).

Over the last few years, Jindal Films has been progressively reducing the seal performance gap
between cast blown PE or PP films and bi-axially oriented films, with a succession of new
technologies. Our Enhanced Sealing OPP coextrusion technology was deployed in Bicor SUP490
film and successfully used in applications for flat pouch, doypack (SUP) or VFFS formats. SUP490
features a high seal strength (>9N/15mm) which is a 3-fold improvement over common coex OPP
films. It will be on display on Jindal Films’ stand to showcase all OPP laminates as a replacement for
either mixed PO laminates (e.g. OPP//PE) or non-recyclable laminates (PET/PE).
A new breakthrough ULTRA SEAL film technology was launched at FachPack 2018, with a gradeslate
of high seal performance OPP films. The unique seal performance capabilities are designed to
replace blown polyethylene (PE) or cast polypropylene (PP) films used in some flexible packaging
laminates for smaller formats. BICOR™ 30, 40 & 50 MB344US films, the first products to benefit
from this new ULTRA SEAL technology, consist of a new high clarity, oriented polypropylene (OPP)
film range featuring high seal strength (>18N/15mm), low seal initiation temperature (SIT < 95ºC)
and exceptional hot tack performance. The technology provides robust seal performance in
numerous packaging formats, especially pouch and stand-up pouch applications. This ULTRASEAL
technology will be demonstrated on both the Wolf and SN packaging machines mentioned above
throughout the duration of the tradeshow. It’s also featured in the entry submitted for the
Packaging Europe Sustainability Awards.

A new range of improved heat resistant outer web PE films are also being introduced at FachPack
2019, under the new Ethy-Lyte™ brand. Our Ethy-Lyte 25HD200 BOPE film will be displayed in
various pack formats, as part of all-PE fully recyclable laminates. HD200 features great optics,
excellent mechanical properties – including high stiffness and great print-registration performance –
and good heat resistance. HD200 delivers a broad heat seal operating window in lamination to
lower seal initiation temperature PE films, such as BOPE SealTOUGH™ XE400 and XE447 heat seal
films range from Jindal Films.

These new ranges of printable, barrier and sealant films from Jindal Films are helping the industry
meet the increasing need across Europe to provide “design for recycling” mono-material
solutions. Guidelines from CEFLEX and Ellen MacArthur Foundation (EMF) – scheduled to be
released later this year – are moving in the direction of proposing that companies “design for
recycling” with their flexible packaging. These design guidelines are recommending that polyolefin
containing laminates should not include, amongst others, paper, PET, nylon, aluminum foil, thick
EVOH layers, to enable efficient sorting and mechanical recycling. PP-based and PE-based solutions
are the preferred recommendations, in which the above barrier and sealant films can play a
significant role in shifting non-recyclable laminates to PP-rich or PE-rich laminates that are
“recycle-ready” for current or future sorting and recycling streams (PP, PE or mixed PO).

About Jindal Films
Jindal Films is an industry leader in the development and manufacture of specialty packaging and
labeling film solutions, including multilayer white opaque films, metalized films and coated films,
for flexible packaging and labeling applications. With last year’s acquisition of Treofan Europe,
Jindal Films now has affiliated production plants in Europe (Virton, Belgium; Kerkrade, The
Netherlands; Neunkirchen, Germany; Terni and Brindisi, Italy), and in the United States (LaGrange,
Georgia; and Shawnee, Oklahoma). The company and its affiliates have sales offices and agencies to
support customer needs in countries around the world, including North America, Europe, MEAF
and Asia.
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