About Ethy-Lyte™ Films

Ethy-Lyte™ is a range of BOPE films designed to create fully recyclable mono-PE packaging to replace mixed plastic structures, which can be difficult to recycle. It is the alternative recyclable solution to conventional OPET or OPA print films to be laminated with PE sealants generating PE mono-material structures for easy recycling.

The technology behind is a breakthrough recyclable BOPE mono-material packaging solution powered by an advanced bi-axial orientation process that transforms polyethylene into the Ethy-Lyte™ range. The technology produces films which delivers outstanding heat resistance and excellent mechanical and optical properties for exceptional printing, converting, packaging performance and product protection. Laminated with PE sealants, it creates fully recyclable mono-PE packaging compatible with existing and future recycling streams.

BOPE mono-material Ethy-Lyte™ films can be used in various industries and many different applications. The Ethy-Lyte™ range of films offers best performance on a wide range of packaging formats, including: VFFS, HFFS and SUP. Wherever you need to use mono-PE packaging structures, Ethy-Lyte™ is the right solution for your products.