Jindal Films’ Sustainability vision

1. Jindal Films endorses the United Nations definition of Sustainability about the need to balance the interests of economic growth, social development and environmental protection: we are operating our business in a compatible manner with this vision
2. Jindal Films is a packaging solution company: the fundamental role of packaging is to deliver products to consumers in perfect condition. Well-designed packaging can meet this requirement with minimum environmental impact and cost using only as much of the right kind of material as necessary
3. Our mission is to innovate in developing sustainable packaging:
1. Reduce utilization of resources by offering better performance with less material
2. Reduce product and food waste by extending the limits of protection along the value chain
3. Prepare for recycling or energy recovery
4. Jindal Films supports a science-based approach to compare and measure the environmental impact of packaging based on a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of its full life cycle, from cradle to grave
5. We set goals for our plants to reduce energy and water consumption, and reduce our carbon emissions.
We measure, track and report our progress

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) tells us how our products eco-perform