Packaging innovation: reducing plastic label weight and facilitating recycling


Reduce: Jindal Films’ Solution

  • Cavitation of OPP films allows density reduction
  • Production of lower weight film offers similar stiffness to plain OPP and contributes to CO₂ emissions reduction

Recycle: Jindal Films’ Solution

  • OPP films fit very well into the recycling stream of PET bottles
  • Due to a density below 1, labels are easily separated during the float sink process allowing an efficient PET recycling process.

Packaging innovation: reducing the environmental footprint


Dehydrated drink powder

Old structure: 12 PET/ 12µ Aluminum foil /50 PE

New structure: 50 OPP/ 28 UBW-ES

Metallyte™ 28 UBW-ES metallized OPP

  • Excellent barrier properties
  • Facilitates the replacement of aluminum foil pouches