Jindal Films, a global leader in the development and manufacture of specialty films is expanding its broad OPP films portfolio to help the industry move towards easier to recycle laminates. In-line with the CEFLEX design guidelines issued in 2020, Jindal Films has been deploying its Technology development in 3 specific areas: outer print webs, barrier webs and sealant webs.

  1. Printable OPP solutions

With the increasing need to remove from flexible packaging “hard-to-recycle” printable substrates such as PET and Paper, Jindal is proposing a range of non-heat sealable OPP films either in a glossy (Bicor NND/NNH) or matt (Bicor CSRM) appearance. A new OPP platform with improved heat resistance is currently under development to have low shrinkage in the heat seal areas, high Modulus for efficient rotogravure printing while maintaining high clarity. This performance improvement would allow some customers to maintain packaging and filling rates in some demanding applications where previous attempts with conventional OPP failed to replace PET or Paper.

  1. Barrier OPP solutions

With the growing need to remove Aluminum foil and metallized PET films from flexible packaging laminates, Jindal Films has developed a thin version of its well know Ultra High Barrier (UHB) OPP film technology. Metallyte 16MM883 provides barrier performance at the level required for numerous market segments typically resorting to Alu foils. Current applications extend from dehydrated foods and beverages, to roast & ground coffees, sensitive nuts and dry pet care typically in 3-ply lamination for products requiring 9 to 24 months of shelf life. Vacuum metallized OPP films in a fully printed laminate have been shown not to interfere with NIR techniques commonly used in sorting plants.

For transparent barrier applications, Jindal Films has expanded itsAluminum Oxide vacuum coated OPP film offering. AlOx-Lyte 16AO894 and 16AO893 can be used in 2-ply or 3-ply applications across a broad range of packaging formats, delivering improved recycling alternatives compared to harder to recycle thicker EVOH coextruded sealant films or to clear vacuum coated PET films.

  1. Sealant OPP solutions

Jindal Films recently introduced a significant upgrade to its “Enhanced Seal” technology with the introduction of a new high seal performance “Ultra Seal” OPP film technology. Bicor 30, 40 & 50MB344US provide the inherent advantages of OPP (e.g. clarity, stiffness, puncture resistance, notched-tear propagation) with a seal performance approaching that of cast or blown PP or PE films. Seal strengths upwards of 15N/15mm can be measured on Ultra Seal based laminates, which allows for significant opportunities to replace blown PE films and design PP-rich alternatives for improved recycling.