We strive to develop the next generations of films that are required to build an environmental friendly and sustainable world.

We commit to ambitious sustainability goals, collaborating with customers and suppliers to achieve and deliver benefits for our business, planet and people.


We are committed to reduce our carbon emissions across the entire value chain in a joint effort to limit global warming to 1.5 ̊C.

While we aim for significant emissions reductions in our own operations, the majority of our product CO2 emissions is generated upstream in the value chain. To reduce the overall footprint, we collaborate in designing tomorrow’s technologies to allow to produce the next generation of low-carbon packaging and labeling films solutions.

At Jindal Films, we are offering both options within our film range, recycled or renewable content solutions, to drive the flexible film market towards a circular economy model.

We have developed the technology and expertise to incorporate mechanically recycled content in our films, both in post industrial and post consumer types as defined in the ISO 14021:2016.

Being the first film supplier ISCC+ certified back in 2019, we offer the full range of ISCC+ mass balance certified solutions. Chemical recycled post consumer circular films are helping us to reduce the use of virgin resins while bio based / bio circular films will offset the film carbon footprint while reducing our dependency on fossil crude oil.



At Jindal Films we have developed new technologies to design mono material structures. Our 2 main pillars, BOPP (polypropylene) and BOPE (polyethylene), allow the market to design mono-material packaging solutions, easily sortable and fully recyclable, keeping the fundamentals of packaging protection.

As an active Ceflex member, we collaborate along the value chain to design collectable, sortable and recyclable packaging for the new circular economy model.

We conduct our business following the guiding principles and endeavour to comply with all applicable legal and internal Environmental, Health, and Safety requirements.

Our focus on operational excellence enables continual improvement of our EHS systems, products and activities. These initiatives allow us to better conserve energy and natural resources, prevent pollution and protect the health, safety of our employees and the public.

Our Zero-Incident Safety Policy for the protection of the environment, people and communities is part of our company DNA. We are committed to conduct all aspects of our business to safeguard our employees, the communities we live and work in, and the environment.