About Digilyte™ Films

Digilyte films are transparent and white cavitated opaque biaxially oriented polypropylene (OPP) films designed for flexible packaging applications. Available for use on various packaging equipments. Digilyte films feature a proprietary digital coating for easy printing on HP Indigo presses combined with acrylic, or polyvinylidene chloride (PVdC) coatings that deliver excellent performance on packaging machines and food protection.

The Digilyte portfolio also includes a metallized grade for Pressure Sensitive Labels.

Digilyte films offers the perfect balance between Protection , machine Performance and Printing . Each film is food contact approved and certified for HP Indigo printing with the maximum rating of three stars – “best performing substrate”



Enhanced moisture barrier for products with a long shelf life

Superior oxygen barrier to prevent product degradation due to oxidation

Ease of processing due to stiffness
and consistent coefficient of friction
and hot slip

Excellent gloss, sparkle and clarity

Resistance to odor transmission and absorption

Robust seal strength, hot tack and wide seal temperature range

High puncture resistance and barrier to grease penetration

Pressure Sensitive Label:

Pre optimized surface for HP Indigo printing

HP Certified 3 stars

Food contact approved

High sheen metal appearance

Scratch resistance on metal side