Our Innovation Center  located  in Macedon, NY, is ideally and uniquely equipped to bring new packaging and labeling films to our customers. Our facilities are unrivaled when it comes to investment in film production and coating pilot equipment that are dedicated exclusively to bringing new films to the market. Added to the film capabilities are our converting, packaging and labeling  machines that allow us to simulate customer conditions so that our films meet critical fitness for use needs when we bring them to the market.

This impressive hardware capability is combined with the most experienced technology staff in the world of BOPP films. Our staff of polymer film and coating scientists, along with our product, process and applications engineers, have designed and commercialized some of the most specialized and differentiated BOPP films in the industry.

Our Innovation Center

Located in Macedon, NY, our Innovation Center is home to a film production pilot plant that is dedicated exclusively to research and development. Along with film production and coater pilot equipment,  Jindal Films has internal capability to test its new products in converting applications such as printing and laminating – both extrusion and adhesive. When it comes to packaging equipment, we house vertical and horizontal form-fill and seal machines as well as overwrap machines.

For labeling, we have internal capability to test new Pressure Sensitive films for ease of dispensability while also putting films through the harsh rigor experienced on bottling machines so that we ensure surfaces that are designed for scratch resistance and ink adhesion.


Innovation Center Asset Capabilities

Two Orientation Lines

Two Coater

Printing and Laminating Equipment – 4 color, adhesive and extrusion

Narrow Width Press with UV Capability

Packaging Equipment – Horizontal, Vertical, Pouch, Overwrap

Labeling Equipment – Dispensing, Squeeze Testing, AGR Testing

Analytical and Physical Testing Labs