Label-Lyte™ 65LT500 thermal transfer (TTR) film which delivers high yield for improved economics and wide ranging print and adhesive performance.

Exhibiting a matte white finish, Label-Lyte 65LT500 thermal transfer film is designed for demanding pressure sensitive label (PSL) and tag applications. These include consumer durables, automotive, household chemicals and detergents, pharmaceutical, retail shelf marking (barcodes), plumbing and other industrial applications.

Compared to widely used 75 micron, and higher, materials, Label-Lyte 65LT500 film provides a significant yield improvement, enhanced quality and consistent print surface appearance.  The higher yield results in more film footage per roll for fewer machine change-overs, more run time and less waste.

The matte top coating provides improved printability, ink adhesion and durability in UV flexo, UV letterpress, water-based flexo and gravure systems. The film also exhibits broad thermal transfer ribbon compatibility with wax, resin and wax/resin systems in flat and near-edge printers.

The film’s paper-like matte outer surface film enables high-quality barcode ANSI scanning. It also allows excellent high resolution printing of exceptionally small font sizes of six point and smaller.

Because of the film’s engineered print surface and adhesive-side coating chemistries, the product can be used in a wide range of label applications. As a result, converters need fewer laminate substrates, lowering inventory requirements and costs.