Luxembourg (May 04, 2017) – Label-Lyte™ LLC combines the best properties of two different labeling films: polyethylene (PE) and bi-oriented polypropylene (BOPP).

Now, there is no need for compromise when choosing your label material for pressure sensitive application.

This bi-oriented hybrid polymer offers brand owners in Health & Personal Care and Homecare applications the clarity and stiffness of OPP, combined with the natural flexibility, conformability and squeezability of PE labels.

LLC also delivers efficient printing with high accuracy in print registration and the die cutting performance of an OPP for converters.

LLC210 is the clear version and LLC247 the high opaque white version, offering a large window of graphic solutions to designers and brand owners, including metallic foil stamping

Both films are now available for tests in two-sided top coated versions, enhancing printing and adhesive performance.

LLC is, by its unique design, a combination of the traditional bi-orientation process with a new hybrid polymer. It runs smoothly and efficiently on a PSL labeling machine like an OPP label, while offering brand owners a gentle lay flat solution on contoured PP, PE or PET containers. It also provides the squeezability for dispensing product without wrinkling and darting of the labels, even when the container is repeatedly squeezed.

Label-Lyte™ 52 microns LLC provides opportunities to reduce plastic label weight by 40% compared to 85 micron PE, and as it is a polyolefin material it can be recycled with other polyolefin containers or separated by density for PET containers.


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Jindal Films is an industry leader in the development and manufacture of specialty packaging and labeling film solutions, including multilayer white opaque films, metalized films and coated films, for flexible packaging and labeling applications.

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