Luxembourg (May 04, 2017) – Jindal Films Europe, a global leader in the development and manufacture of specialty films for the flexible packaging and labeling markets, is introducing new transparent high barrier and sealant films for a range of flexible packaging applications at its Interpack booth (Hall 9 Stand H04/J03), Düsseldorf in Germany, May 04 – May 10, 2017.

Alox-lyte™ 16AO893 and 16AO894 are designed to allow brand owners to extend shelf-life, helping to keep food fresh longer before consumption. Additionally, product differentiation is playing a key role in today’s fast-paced environment. Alox-lyte™ offers a transparent barrier to water vapor and oxygen, while enabling the possibility to bright printing colors. Compared to metallized films, Alox-lyte™ allows the use of metal detection at the end-of-filling operations to make sure that no metallic particles (e.g. from conveyer belt systems or filling systems) remain in the products. This provides cost and safety advantages versus x-ray detection systems.

Alox-lyte™ 16AO893 and 16AO894 are OPP-based barrier solutions which help to create mono-material or polyolefin based laminates by eliminating PET which is a primary material used as a transparent barrier today. Additionally, the amount of aluminum used to create a typical Alox-lyte™ barrier is just 1/10 of the aluminum required to create metallized OPP based film with similar barrier performance. It is also a sustainable solution as it’s recyclable.

Alox-lyte™ is designed to support converters when processing the barrier film into a laminate structure. The robustness and durability of the barrier is important. Alox-lyte™ 16AO893 and 16AO894 offer robustness proven by constant barrier tests, after elongation or Gelbo flexes, which simulates converting and handling operations until the final products is consumed by the end user. The newly developed Alox-lyte™ products are OPP based and offer good sealing performance (40°C heat seal range and 450g/2,5cm seal strength) to allow the integration of the functional web (the barrier) into the sealant layer of the laminate.

Alox-lyte™ transparent high barrier films are designed to make a difference across the value chain of the packaging industry.

Alox-lyte™ 16AO893

  • 16μ OPP based film
  • WVTR typically of 0.7 g/m²/24h
  • OTR typically of 0.5 cm³/m²/24h
  • Middle-web solution (excellent process-ability within your 3ply laminate structure)

Alox-lyte™ 16AO894

  • 16μ OPP based film
  • WVTR typically of 0.7 g/m²/24h
  • OTR typically of 0.5 cm³/m²/24h
  • Inner-web solution (great sealing performance)

“We’re experiencing a strong pull from the market towards product/packaging differentiation and high visibility of the final product being packed and sold,” said Hendrik von Wysocki, Commercial Development Manager, Jindal Films Europe. “Additionally, the need for easy metal detection at the end-of-filling operation is being driven by the increasing need for product safety.”


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Jindal Films is an industry leader in the development and manufacture of specialty packaging and labeling film solutions, including multilayer white opaque films, metalized films and coated films, for flexible packaging and labeling applications.

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